Hey there!

Hey there!

Hi! I'm Kristina and I love to make homemade bath and body products. My journey into homemade products began when I became a mother just over 11 years ago. I started simple. I experimented with herbal infused oils, mineral based sunscreens, and natural hair care using apple cider vinegar!

 In 2019 I took the plunge into learning how to make homemade soap. It was just about the only thing left on my list I hadn't made yet for bath and body products. I initially made homemade soap for myself and my family, but quickly realized my friends and other family members were very interested in trying my soaps.

 In 2020 I opened my first online shop on Etsy and the support for my small business blew me away. I eventually switched over to my very own website and opened a physical store in my hometown of Belfast, Maine.


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